“Night Shift Cases” is now finished

Hello guys. I am more than happy to let you know that my new album is finished. It took me two years to come up with and compile a rather long (my longest album to date) afterparty record.

I’ve spent that period playing on a plenty of afterparties and testing the new material I was coming up with along the way. Including 12 brand new tracks, this is my most dancefloor ready attempt.

However, I still don’t have a release date for it. This is something I need to work on in the coming months but it will get released rather sooner than later.

Good news is that my off period (haven’t released new music since 2012’s “Belower” EP) is now over and I am ready to publish plenty of new material and projects. Hence why I am resurrecting the blog on my homepage. Stay put.

Stephan Panev remixes “Alpha Omega” by Mojo Goro

I haven’t released new music as Stephan Panev since ages, thanks to the work on my next album. However, here’s remix I had the pleasure to make earlier this year. I am always happy to work together with Mojo Goro, so that’s another project we managed to pull off. The whole release is pretty nice – check it out and in the meantime, here are some words from the source:

We present you – ‘Realism’ – the second release on Mojo Goro’s own Myth-O-Lodge label. It follows in the path laid by the brilliant debut EP and offers three original tracks, foreboding a dark acidified conclusion courtesy of Stephan Panev.

Afterparty Agenda 003 is now available

The third Afterparty Agenda is here. This one is a bit different – instead being played on 4 channels in Traktor, what we have here is a back to basics approach – 2 decks. Some of my favorite vinyls are thrown in there, as well as an unreleased track by myself. Keep it cool and share.