Believe / Under the Influence Stephan Panev Reworks online

Hey. Not long ago I’ve decided to rework two of my favourite records by The Chemical Brothers in order to bring them in my sets in a new way. Included are Believe & Under the Influence in two rather brave reworks where I’ve decided to count on as less samples from the originals as possible.

That would also kick out a KOMPROMATI selection where I plan to release reworks of favourite tracks of mine.

Feel free to download them from my SoundCloud profile or the player below:

DJ Set @ MELT Afterhours (24-11-14)

Hey there. After the release of “Hollow Point” I’ve decided that the best way to completely finish off 2014 is to release a DJ set. This one is a bit longer than the ones I usually put out, but since it was recorded live at an afterparty, that’s the best way to show you the different emotions we went through. This is the perfect time also to send out huge respect to the people who shared those moments with me.

Unfortunately I can’t provide a complete tracklist for this one and there are also some little issues here and there with the recording, but overall I believe that it is a pretty nice listening experience. 

See you in 2015. Our first event for next year is again KOMPONENTI @ Club Jules Verne.

“Hollow Point” now available as a free download

The year is almost over. 2014 was quite productive for me and I’ve managed to release two EPs, while also my next album and a few other things were done and dusted. More on that in a later post though.

Since the festive period is nearing the worldwide need for techno is growing and deciding to finish off the year with a free track was kind of mandatory. “Hollow Point” is a part of an EP I plan to release in the beginning of 2015, but now you can get it earlier as a huge thank you to all of the new and old friends I ended up engaging with during the last 365 days.

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“Strobe Sequence I” out on November 10th

Strobe Sequence I” is the first release from the SS collection that I plan on releasing through my own KOMPONENTI label. Based on various tools that I like to use in my DJ sets, the tracks will be just that – groove based tools for DJs.

I’ve also included a Prone Rework inside, that brings the heavy techno that Prone resembles.

Available November 10th in BandCamp, Beatport and everywhere around.

KOMPONENTI night at Jules Verne

I am more than happy to announce that we are launching a monthly event at one of the forward thinking clubs here in Sofia, Bulgaria – Jules Verne. We plan to provide you with a much needed dose of techno music and the first date you need to have in mind is the 1st of November.

The music is going to be provided by myself and my label mate Promil. Plenty of updates to follow.

Meanwhile we are also launching a podcast to support the event. It will be the perfect source to learn more about our sound and the music we believe in. Get the first portion below:

“Interstate” EP out on October 8th

Hi guys & gals, as promised new music begins to emerge from within. My next EP will be released on October 8th by This Ain’t Music. Called Interstate and includes the title track I’ve released earlier this month, as well as 3 more tracks. Delivering a pack of peak time techno tools for your sets, Interstate has almost nothing in common with the album I’ve finished earlier this year.

The EP follows Belower from 2012 although they don’t have much in common. Main reason for that is that I’ve spent the last two years working on the album I’ve mentioned earlier and thanks to that I’ve changed my workflow rather significantly resulting in a change in my overall sound.

I have plenty of material to release in the coming months, so get ready. Release sampler below:

Interstate (Official Video) now available

I am more than happy to announce that my new video is now available in my YouTube channel. This is the longest video I’ve made to date but I just couldn’t cut short the title track of my next EP – Interstate. Hope you will enjoy :)

MIR25 by Stephan Panev

I’ve provided the podcast for the 25th edition of the MyMIR podcast. Inside you will find some of the tracks I like to play at afterparties, as well as “Restless” – taken straight from Night Shift Cases.