My name is Stephan Panev and I’ve been recording and producing music for the past 10 years.

My first release was for Michigang, a small Detroit-based vinyl label. Called “The Maniphest” (2006), it included 3 techno tracks. I can say this release defined my main output up until now. Even though I’ve experimented with many different styles along the way, I’ve always, one way or another, gone back to making techno music. Probably because I believe that there’s no better music to dance to.

Since 2006, I’ve released three albums and quite a few singles and EPs. Two of those albums were released as Stephan Panev and one, as Define One. My debut album was called “Elephants” (2008) and the most notable tracks were “Work”, “Are” and “Team”. “Elephants” is my take on what techno sounded like back in 2008.

By the end of 2009, I released my second album. “Where Do We Go From Here?” represents a massive shift of the tone in my music, including quite an ambient sound. The notable tracks here were “Aileron”, “Mishii” & “Lemur”.

In a rather amusing “twist of fate”, the title of the album greatly describes the following 3 years, which I’ve spent going further away from the techno and trying to find my “new” self, and respectively – my new sound. The result was a string of eclectic EPs, including “Keep Falling I” & “Keep Falling II“, as well as “Atom Heart“.

However, during that period I gained a lot more knowledge and understanding of the sound and that resulted in some of my best work to date – “Silencer” & “Belower“. Both EPs got released in 2012 and closed the circle with a pinch of melancholy, but still a sound techno groove as a base.

Right after the release of “Belower“, I got up to a point where it finally felt right to begin working on a new album, a one to follow up from “Where Do We Go From Here?“. That resulted in two years between 2012 and 2014 that I haven’t released anything as Stephan Panev.

Now the album is finished. It is called “Night Shift Cases” and will be released rather sooner than later. However, I can’t provide any more information on that front for now.

What that means though, is that I am back to releasing music. The EP that will follow “Belower” is called “Interstate” and will be released on October 8th 2014. Including 4 peak time techno tracks, it finally marks my return to techno.

In the meantime

Now it gets tricky.

During the whole period described above, I also worked on a few side projects. The most notable ones are Define One, Females & Prone.

As mentioned earlier, I released an album as Define One, called “Self” (2011) for This Ain’t Music. The idea behind it was that I wanted to make an album that resembled the electronic music I grew up with. Heavily influenced by acts like Moby, The Chemical Brothers and others, it was also my lowest selling record to date. I guess it got released 20 years later than it was supposed to :).

Not long after that I released a mixtape called “Defeats“. It included 11 mash-ups based on tracks from the album, blended together with some of my favorite music. Including samples from more than 30 tracks and made for a night, “Defeats” brought plenty of melancholic music for some proper Me time.

The last thing I released as Define One was the video “Deserted“. Unfortunately, the track itself never got officially released because at the time of its making, I wanted to include it in a second album that never saw the light of day.

Gradually, the Define One project became very important to me. I am currently waiting for the right time to get back to it.

In 2013 I launched the FEMALES project. At first it was just a way for me to release all the electronic music that I couldn’t fit within my main output, Stephan Panev. However, along the way the interest for the project got bigger and that kept me eager to experiment with it. Besides, I’d never could have released a Katy Perry or Rihanna remix, if it wasn’t for FEMALES.

The first release for FEMALES was the “Females EP” for WTF is SWAG. Including the sexy video for “Moaning Glory” and released for one of the most forward-thinking Bulgarian labels, it picked up from the go. Followed by “Mika’s Harem” and an even sexier video for “Mika“, this project is definitely one that will stick around.

I am already working on the next FEMALES EP, so stay tuned.